Welcome to Sensilio!

Sensilio is a commitment to empathy, to kindness, to creativity, to empowerment and fun, to wellness and wellbeing, to ongoing learning and innovation, to listening and communicating with compassion and interest.

Through this plateforme my pledge is to educate my community on thinking sustainably about the future and found creative solutions to shape a climate friendly, equitable, inclusive place where everyone feel they have the possibility to make a change.

Using those skills, I’d like to help you working towards your future.

About the blog

After getting unemployed due to Covid-19, I’ve chosen to write about how to tackle opportunities even, especially when I struggle. No job, a pandemic, hard to imagine how this is an amazing time to build myself and my knowledge, yet that’s what I do.

I hope this will speak to you too. And since I love to draw, I enjoy illustrating some of my articles with my art.

As I transformed this blog to the website in front of you, I wanted to share to you too the various book I read to learn more about innovation and get new « toolbox » knowledge to continuously improve and learn.

Let’s get in touch!