When I’ve learned about this book, I knew it was for me, I was in need to understand what I was doing wrong in my way to put limits, why it was so hard, why I was so shy about it. I needed the theory behind the practice.

Boundary Boss

Terri Cole

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Boundaries Boss is a book mainly written for women but trust me it’s a must read for everyone who has hard time being a great leader. Why is that? It’s start by being honest with yourself and understand where we lack strength, understanding and knowledge. Why we have so much difficulties and fears of basically saying no in a proper way.

What I wanted to share with you mainly is that putting boundaries is an habit and to create this habit, it’s an everyday practice. For « nice » people, it’s hard because it’s a totally new way to allow ourself to be accountable for us. No other protection needed, we can hold ourself, stay true to ourself, not pleasing people as we’ve learn to do for so many good reason in our childhood or after further life experiences.

With real-life example, Terri Cole is able to unlock what’s stuck inside us. She show us how what we have experienced so far, have been given at birth and culturally is also key to clean out if this is not serving us and show us confidence that we can make it happen.

One key element to keep in mind is always wonder if what you do is align at your side of the road, and why is that, and how to make ourself responsible to act upon this way of thinking. #toolboxworthy

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