It was last summer and one of my best friend and I had a meaningful conversation about our job life’s. I just had lost my job due to the Covid, and she was very concern too, she might go this path, with all those incertain times. You bet, although the meal was really delicious, the pleasure to meet real, the conversation though wasn’t the most happily-ever-after-like.

Despite the difficulties of such an announcement and all the increased challenges I knew I had to face, that didn’t stop me from being optimist. She was pretty impressed by my strength and I explained, what ever I do, I now try to make sure, I am surrounded by great connections.

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For instance. I have suscribed to what we call here in Switzerland an « legal protection assurance », and have access to legal advices for helping me coopte with different issues that could happen. While speaking with various advisor, I’ve learned an amazing thing, I am really happy to share with you!

Did you know for example that the apple care is maybe not worth it and depending of the way you have subscribed to an insurance for broken things, you could be covered? Do the call and check the prices with your insurance company, it could be cheaper and it could as well cover other electric devices.

We all have so much to worries about already, so getting a great address book is a value, I never really appreciated until now. If you would have tell the 20 or 30 years old me, that I would now be so greatful and thankful for such a thing, what I would have think is a detail, I would have probably laugh or find that totally irrelevant.

But truth is, if you know who to contact in case of needs, you will feel safer, no matter what. It will help you be prepared. I bet all the moms out there knows exactly who to reach in case there kids has an issue. Yet, do you know it for you? Checking your address book could already put a few pounds out your mental load, so what about if you take 15 minutes to check your contact list put it up to date?

Here’s a pre-made check-list with a bonus gift!

  • ✅ Family doctor
  • ✅ Kids doctor
  • ✅ Any Doctor finishing in « ist » you might need (Psychologist, Gynecologist, Dermatologist etc..)
  • ✅ Health insurance
  • ✅ Insurance for legal matter
  • ✅ Insurance for fire or natural disasters
  • ✅ Insurance for broken things
  • ✅ Car insurance
  • ✅ Any other insurance
  • ✅ Garage
  • ✅ Plumber
  • ✅ For home renters: home renting agency
BONUS: download the check-list in PDF!

The funniest, is while I was doing the list, I realised, I wasn’t up-to-date at all. And put it directly on my todo list! And since you’ve asked, we ended the meal with lot of laurgh and the pleasure of being together, supporting each other. 😊

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