I’m here to help you getting more creative, boost your innovation, learn computer basics, illustrate your next marketing campaign or create social media content. Check what’s on the menu!

🤖 Digital Transformation

Let’s discuss your digital needs and see how we can improve your day-to-day operations digitally speaking.
From managing a project to running and implementing creative solutions, I can help you improve your daily work with improved tools and programs.

Here’s how I proceed recently

Future Thinking Workshop

What about looking at your company, a project, an idea or theme with the future in mind: what could it happen, design scenario and forecast of a potential future, taking the information we have today to design it.
Let me be at your side and guide you into your discovery and let’s exchange together.

Here’s an example on the future of jobs

👩‍🔬Innovation Lab

You’re stuck and don’t find the right idea to move forward? Or you want a pair of fresh eyes to give you new input? I can help you here.
Mixing my knowledge and my ability to creative solving skills, I quickly analyse your needs, run that in my head and suggest you some directions, based on a framed scope.

Here’s an example of development ideas

🎨 Illustrations

Do you need new illustrations to knock the socks out of your clients during your next presentation? For a training, for books, among other suggestions?

My Gallery

💾 Informatics 101 training

You don’t know how now you can do without using a computer and are sick thinking about that? I have experience teaching the basics to IT newbies.

Here’s how I do it.

🦄 social media content

You like the video content you see all over this website? You want similar items to feed your social media and followers. I’m doing mine since more than 7 years.

Look the one I’ve made for Un Bibi Pour Moi

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