Digital workshop on The Future of Jobs

Can we speak about serious issues, with a lighter tone and use games to engage people all in one? Yes, absolutely! That’s the purpose of this unique workshop where people try by themselves to understand where we could go with today’s development of trends.

Imagine VR (virtual reality) use for recruiting, more gig work, working from anywhere. That’s just a tiny bit, new jobs will be created when other will eventually disappear. What is certain though is that 100% of what we presently know about jobs will change.
Using gamification to discover new ideas, I was able to motivate the participants to learn by themselves while having fun.

I put below some of the slides of this workshop that is designed for anyone curious to know more about the future, with the kind agreement of the Institut for the Future in Palo Alto, California, USA, to use their games.

Interested? Let’s discuss this further!