Épicentre Records

Épicentre Records is an indie rap music label which I helped building in 2012, along with his founder. I’ve set up some of their social media accounts and contribute to grow their fan base, learned about the music rights and their related organisations, but most importantly, I’ve created their website using a classic html business template which I’ve transformed into a useful music label digital showroom.

Presentation of the team with social media links became the presentation of new videoclip or videocover with the listening or buying links, LinkedIn slot became Apple Music, Facebook > Spotify and so on. I’ve included too a timeline in Jquery open source to present the main artist discography and all the various records and featuring he had done. With the founder, we’ve both created content for social media and placed the greatest art we’ve made into the gallery part of the website.

I’ve included too some fun features or Easter Egg as a logo that hides the social media links. We’ve included lighting box of their YouTube channel and videos to make sure customers would stay as long as possible on the website. 18I had a great pleasure working with this incredible team and the founder of the label who trusted me to create their website.

Here’s some snapshots of that work

The hidden « Easter Egg » for social media links

The Timeline in live