I had the great opportunity to develop few ideas and give feedback to this amazing new personal development platform project call MyOceanity .They trusted me to show some path they didn’t had in mind, at least in that way.

I presented two suggestions that become one full idea: the MyOceanity experience.
To end my presentation and sum up the whole purpose of what I wanted to share with them, I’ve created a video that is scalable for social media, can be cut for creating stories content for instance and that gives in essence what so great about the tool Chris Ostorero and his partner Dan are developing.

[…] I offered [Clio] to test the platform and give me her user experience input. She went above and beyond by presenting development ideas, including a video presenting the holistic experience vision of what we are developing. I highly recommend her proactive attitude, her energy and ideas, as well as how she tries to empathically understand what we are trying to achieve. […]

Chris Ostorero

MyOceanity video:

Extract of the MyOceanity’s presentation for which I’ve adapted the colours codes to their corporate identity: