UX: new IT tool

For that project, I’ve been request to check the appropriate tool for an unemployement mesure where Coach are helping manager find back their purpose in the job search, their unique Point of View (POV) and train them on SMART objectives, how to get rid of unhelpful thoughts and limitation they might have, improve their resume, their Linkedin and overall job hunting experience.

With the pandemic, they had to reinvent themselves very quickly with barely any IT tools and made an unprecedented and amazing job, recreating the physical experience in Zoom meetings. Quickly they understood they would need more IT tools, but what should they buy to improve their beneficiaries Zoom experience?

This is where they asked me for help. I’ve designed 2 simple solutions, keeping in mind their tiny budget, their ease with new IT tools (or not), their poor access to IT specialist, the need for the chosen solution to be directly adopted and use and most importantly, how the beneficiaries of this unemployement measure would react to the overall experience.

With a full 11 pages rapport, including videos, my empirical mindmap and comparative tables and budgets, they are presently in discussion to decide what to buy and requested other gig work from my end.