Clio Rossier

Clio Rossier
Digital Business Analyst
Technical Skills
Ms Office Suite
Google Suite
Salesforce environnement and CRM
Procreate (iOS)
Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver
WordPress, Canva, iOS tools & more
Remote & Digital management
(X)HTML, CSS (2), Jquery
Languages & Methodologies
Design Thinking
Lean Startup

Analytical, creative, performance driven skills professional and quick learner, future thinker with comprehensive experience in project management, customer management and experience savvy , stakeholder champion, innovation, communication, digital transformation and comprehension of UX best practices, customer lifecycle as well as moderation in digital workshop. Delivering regular analytic updates and insights, identify key growth opportunities or make strategies real, while using advanced analytic techniques. Rewarded for exceptional services in customer and stakeholder’s management and communication. Able to present complex unexpected ideas easily and exceptional problem-solving aptitudes. Agile Mindset.

✅ A self made professional with more than 15 years of various experiences, who knows how to find ressources where and when needed to upscale her knowledge. 

🗣A Swiss French native speaker, English fluent, German intermediate.

👩‍🎤Pop Culture Geek, Innovation and Digital passionate, E-learning addict, Innovation Mindset and Future Thinker.

🕹 Knowledge in AI, IOT, VR, AR, digital & innovation, blockchain, cloud computing, UX & UI

👩‍💻Certified in Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Customer Insight, Market Experimentation and Facilitation. Use of Agile, Waterfall and Lean Six Sigma methodologies to deliver projects and tasks both in webdesign & communication (Agile), processes improvement (Lean Six Sigma) and workplace transformation & event management (Waterfall). Use Kanban to track progresses of tasks.

💖 Values of Trust, Transparency, Innovation, Sustainability, Equity, Accountability & Inclusivity 

➡️ Specialisation in Project Management given by Google in preparation through Coursera. 

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Licenses & Certifications
Design Sprint Masterclass
Innovation Today | EPFLAugust 2021

Masterclass given by Jake Knapp on August 19, 2021

Invincible Company Masterclass
Innovation Today | EPFLAugust 2021

Masterclass given by Yves Pigneur and Alexander Osterwalder on August 18, 2021

Project Management Specialisation
Google I CourseraIn Progress
Digital Marketing specialisation
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign I CourseraMarch 2021
Agile Project Management basics
Facilitator (including design thinking, iteration, lean start up methods)

Involving several stakeholders, a facilitator designs, organizes and moderates complex innovation workshops end-to-end. The facilitator never loses sight of the goal of advancing his project by consistently focusing on the relevant goals, end customer validation and the high and positive energy in the teams. A facilitator shines with a “modern way” of moderating and flexibly sets the relevant methods from her own toolbox. 

Communication Strategies for a Virtual Age
University of Toronto I CourseraJuly 2020
Psychological First Aid
The Johns Hopkins University I CourseraJuly 2020
Mindshift: Break Through Obstacles to Learning and Discover Your Hidden Potential (with mention)
McMaster University I CouseraJune 2020