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Keep Going

Whatever you’re an artist or not, « Keep Going » is a go-to book, as « Effortless » from Greg McKeown, which gives you small, easy ideas to implement into your everyday to, yes, I couldn’t resist making a dad joke, keep going.


Untamed has so many incredible quotes, it’s hard to decide the one I love the most, and yet, it might be one, the author, Glennon Doyle, repeat to Brené Brown in Brené’s Podcast « Unlocking ». But before I put it here for you, let me tell you why Untamed is such an other of those inspirational books, written by a women but to give to everyone who wants to set him/her/it free.


I always sense it would be more easy to do boring stuff in a fun way, and I gather evidence on the effectiveness of my hypothesis. This book is part of my research. Not just that but even better: imagine you can start doing stuff effortless!

The Soufflé syndrom

Presently, I am struggling writing and drawing. I simply do other things: I learn, I follow a coaching allowing me a welcome introspection, yet writing and drawing, let’s face it and be honest, I have the blank page syndrome. Worst, the double one.

The 10 years case

I am following a course that is really speaking to me about how to think like a futurist. And this is something I would never have even think possible, not that I would enjoy this course so much but because I always felt unsafe about thinking at the future.

What are we suppose to do when we face mountains? 🏔

I still see sometimes mountains from an issue I just don’t know how to tackle. Yet, helped with experiences and maturity (I feel dreadfully old saying this, yet it’s true), I finally learned how to break it down and how to transform that monster into small steps, at the opposite of the Frog, in Jean de La Fontaine’ famous stories (the frog eventually exploses because it want to be bigger than it is).

« Treat Yo Self »

I’ve « pimped » some of my wellbeing all times favourites ideas by infusing some « Treat Yo Self » salsa to the mix. And you, what do you do to relax?

Scrolling, scrolling, scrolling

You too nowadays you can’t stop yourself from scrolling as crazy? As I couldn’t resist, I’ve tested few ideas that I’ve slides for you in 6 super-easy steps which should help yourself be more aware.