I am following a course that is really speaking to me about how to think like a futurist. And this is something I would never have even think possible, not that I would enjoy this course so much (that I was convinced I would as it’s given by the AMAZING Jane McGonigal which I read the book few years earlier « Super, Better » & which I felt was spot on, mixing game theories and how to improve ourselves and our lives) but because I always felt unsafe about thinking at the future.

It always has been quite dark and blurry to me. For instance, one of my biggest fear is the idea of the planet earth exploding and no life anymore. How will we able to look back at our path then if there’s no civilisation? That’s a concept that I have hard time with. But even on a « simpler » way, envisioning a real future or answering that dreadful question « where do you see yourself within next 10 years » would have make me feel sweating for good. Not that I wouldn’t have any idea, but that was way too abstract as a concept.

My thoughts would have been A) That’s not upon your business. B) The hell what do I know? I could be doing my first Haute Couture fashion show helped by Jean-Paul Gaultier: that’s how realistic I would have seen it. But of course, I would have say something « normal » to please my interlocutor.

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Why? There was nothing I could draw upon to have a sense on what it might look like. With that in mind, Astrology – not reading your daily horoscope, but really studying the circle of the planets – was to me the more predictable source of having a way to look at it with some kind of confidence. Because we know the moon affect the tide, because we all sense something is going on when there’s full moon happening (who else has hard time sleeping?), the possibility that planets could influence other energies within us didn’t look at crazy as it might sound.

Thus, future was a concept I was really having a hard time with. And since I was a kid, I never really knew what I wanted to do in life. Life again was such an extendable concept, how could I have know for sure I would become a dentist, a vet, a history teacher, the first women on the moon, possibilities where again, endless…

But just as I started the course, I felt somehow this would not just teach me new skills, it will actually validate skills I already have in me, confirm some hint I felt and more important, give me a simple trick to apprehend something I was sensing but not being able to really understanding before. It did reply to those questions: What is the future, when does it start and when will it be?

The unswears is not 42, but 10 years. It’s close enough so that it’s still processable by our brain but long enough so that there’s time to make it happen. But that don’t just ends here, the reason why I wanted to write this article, is about one skill which is to look back to look forward. And I don’t want to spoil you that course if you’d like to take it. Which I will highly recommend. But I had a big AHA moment when the professor said « look back 10 years from now ». Who were you, what were you doing, with whom, what event brought you where you are now.

Big AHA moment, as I said. And that’s my gift to you if you have difficulties sometimes realising all you’ve already accomplished. So, do the exercise. Especially if you read my previous article about « how to deal with mountains » (if not, of course, I would highly recommend it to you 😇 too). Think back 10 years from now. Where you were, with whom, what change for good or bad. How do you feel now. How did you mature? Is there something you would have love to know about you now? I personally don’t. I would have been so scared knowing all I went trough! But today, the treasure it is to realise I’ve overcome so much, so many hard times and I’ve learned so much in so little time in some way, I can only say and write, I feel blessed.

And I want you also to take a chance to be as grateful for what you’ve accomplished than I. I look forward to read your comment on that exercise. How it made you feel? What’s your take out? To go back on the 10 years case, if you feel the future is a mountain itself, I highly recommend you to take this course or at least exercise yourself to simply think of what the future could be like 10 years from now. And let your imagination flow, with no restriction on your thoughts at all whatsoever. Because there’s one thing I never know was that magic about the future, which is: we just don’t know it, and it can be anything you want it to be(come). 🤩

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