The happy list of motivating & inspiring people to follow on social media

We always say, when your social media field is makes you feel bad it’s time to change something. You should never feel miserable looking a anything, you should feel empowered!

So I want to share with you a quick list of the people I feel are really great, and made me feel discover other ideas. You’ll find manly Instagram accounts but they all exist on different platforms so explore, follow your inspiration and your path.

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Here you go, in no particular order, except being great, amazing accounts with inspiring content.

Career boosting:
  • Shadé Zahrai – simple tips on issue with Inner Critic, how to negotiate, be better in interviews, and much more!
  • The Female Lead – show how women shape the world and help them succeed, they organise as well amazing live on Linkedin.
  • World Economic Forum – to keep fresh update on new innovative ideas all around the world
  • Institute For the Future – have a head in the future already to be better prepared
  • TED Talks – keep fresh ideas and perspectives
  • 50inTech – help women in the tech industry
  • Readerpreneur – advices & quotes from work/career related books
  • Girls On Design – the coolest chick in town speaking about UX and UI and mostly the best tips and tricks to help you shine
  • The Business Hacks – Tips to succeed professionally

I will keep updating this list when I see new amazing accounts worth sharing, so don’t hesitate to come back time to times, to see if there’s been a refresh. And I am wondering, do you have any that I should know about? Would you like a list of cool inspiration in design? In cooking? Of Amazing illustrators? I look forward to hear about yours and which colon I should add if any! 🤩

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