I am a huge fan of « Park & Recreation » from which « Treat Yo Self » comes from. It’s THE perfect excuse to think and prioritise yourself.

No need to go up to break your bank account as the characters of this series do! There’s so many way to take this cook slogan and make it yourself, in a cost effective manner. 😉

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I’ve hence « pimped » some of my wellbeing all times favourites ideas, by infusing some « Treat Yo Self » salsa to the mix. And you, what do you do to relax?

Treat Yo Self Home Spa Style 🧖‍♀️🧖‍♂️

How to do it? Just go take a bath or a shower at any time of the day, even better if at an unexpected time of the day. The warm water is like a smooth blanket around you.

You can easily make it extra special using special salts, a few drops of essential oil or this special shower gel you’re hiding from the rest of the family as it’s slightly expensive and just yours… You can as well put relaxing music or take a book, you get the picture, as long as you’re relaxing.

Treat Yo Self in Zen Mode 😎

Meditate! I love the Calm App but there’s many more as Headspace, Meditation with Petit BamBou, 7Mind x Les Antisèches for instance (and I checked they are all in English, French and German at least). I found each of them has its own pro and cons, so check what works the best for YOU.

The idea is to give you 15 minutes to just reconnect with yourself. You might don’t have any private space especially now with the (lights-)lockdowns and this extraordinary situation, so why not meditate in your bath? Just be careful not to sink! 😅

Treat Yo Self with New Skills! 📚

Learn something new that will prevent you to take your mobile and scroll madly when you’re binge watching. It’s so satisfying to see you’ve made something from scratch! And bonus: you can add it to your success liste!

I learned to knitting by looking at some great YouTube videos. But you can as well crochet, sketch, doodle, the aim is for your hand to be occupied with something and in a very close future to even put the screen out for a bit.

Treat Yo Self in New Habit Mode! 🗂

  • Why not also reading back your all time favourite book when you where a teen? You know already how it ends and you might find something new out of it. Just one page at a time if reading isn’t easy for you now.
  • Spray some purifying essentials oil. I love the one from Pureessentiel that is purifying the air too.
  • Do your bed. As stupid as it sounds, there’s some real studies on why doing your bed is good for your mind and mood.
  • Do some Yoga, go out for a walk if you like it, open a windows, breath some fresh air and ventile your space, as your head.

Treat Yo Self with a Home Made From Scratch Cooking Meal 🥘

Did you know that we have a brain in our stomach? It’s as big as the one of your puppy dog and that’s why when you’re feeling bad your mood is affected too. So feed it up with good stuff!

The American have this amazing expression of « Soul Food » that’s it. There’s no better way to show you and your relative some self love with good food, picked and cooked with love. So find that « Soul Food » of yours and enjoy.

Inspired? I look forward to learn what you do already and/or what you’ve tried! 😃

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