Untamed has so many incredible quotes, it’s hard to decide the one I love the most, and yet, it might be one, the author, Glennon Doyle, repeat to Brené Brown in Brené’s Podcast « Unlocking  Us». But before I put it here for you, let me tell you why Untamed is such an other of those inspirational books, written by a women but to give to everyone who wants to set him/her/it free.


Glennon Doyle

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Untamed is the understanding of what Glennon Doyle call « the Knowing » and comes from an observation as she was in the Zoo with her family. A Cheetah was there, exhibit for the way the zookeeper had train her as a dog, and she was in fact best friend with a Labrador they raise at the same time of the Cheetah, when they both of them were puppies. The Cheetah act as a dog, did the act she was suppose to do, perfectly educated. Without any wild instinct anymore. But as she was eating the meat the Zookeeper was giving her her reward for acting as requested, a glimpse of wildness illuminated her eyes, as she would in a quick instant remind herself of her deep roots, of the savanna and her land. Glennon Doyle catch that moment and even felt scared thinking, what if the animal goes back to her roots? One of her daughter too and said to her « Mommy. She turned wild again. » Yet instead of feeling scared of the situation, Glennon understood it was exactly what we were trained to do. Go back to our cages, as did then the Cheetah, and being grateful for it while retaining and restraining our wildness.

The knowing is this: what we do have deeply inside of us. Our pure self. She says « When a women finally learns that pleasing the world is impossible, she becomes free to learn how to please herself. » As « When women lose themselves, the world loses its way. We do not need more selfless women. What we need right now is more women who have detoxed themselves so completely from the world’s expectations that they are full of nothing but themselves. What we need are women who are full of themselves ». The way you call that state is yours, she call it « the Knowing ».

So she demonstrate from all parts of her life, how she hardly took the path of being truth to herself, to her « Knowing » and release everything she knew wasn’t her, everything she could have culturally thought, raised, knew. A hard way, but as she learned a day « we can do hard things » and that motto, she kept it since, to remind herself she and her family can make it. It even became the title of her podcast.

I was reading « Boundaries Boss » from Terri Cole at the same time and one of the things that resonated in me the most was that time she courageously tell her mom to deal with her own fear until coming to her home. That herself and her kids did love her yet were fine thus not in need to welcome a fear from someone else. And that she would be welcome again, when she would have overcome that fear of hers. I had goosebumps. That energy she took to be truth to herself and don’t let her down, says the hardest thing to her mom, was a lesson and a clear mark of the path I have to take to be true to myself as well.

So I guess, you want to know that statement I felt so inspired by, by know. I think that it’s time to share it with you too.

Perhaps our imagination is not where we go to escape reality. Perhaps imagination is where we go to discover our truest reality that we were ment to bring into the world.

Glennon Doyle on Untamed in Unlocking us Podcast from Brené Brown

So what is that safe place you keep going when you close your eyes and day dream? Your deepest dream the one you might never share with anyone? That’s could be your true self, free of any imposed rules, hope or anything you’ve been told since you’ve been borned. That’s what is Untamed, an invitation to go deep into your way of knowing, living and being. A state of mind, a state of liberty.

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